About Flavia Lamoglia

As owner and creative director of Allure Events, I have chosen a team of highly skilled, creative designers who help me to provide unique, elegant event planning and design. An impeccable designer who respects both the beauty of tradition and the glamour of innovation, I am passionate about travel and cultural diversity, and I have produced fabulous events throughout the world.

I find deep satisfaction in helping people plan beautiful, meaningful celebrations that they will remember for the rest of their lives. I have a real appreciation for beauty and a strong sense of style, and I have a genuine passion for working with others to help them create the events of their dreams.

My background includes over 10 years of event planning around the word, a degree in Gastronomy from French Culinary Le Cordon Bleu program as well as a degree in Interior Design. I am a board certified event planner (CMP) through both the Convention Industry Council (CIC) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). I also had the opportunity to work for many years as a Senior Event Planner at the Luxury Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, what provided me with a broad career experienced allowing me manage hundreds of weddings, meetings, galas and fashion shows to perfection. Each reflected the passions and personalities of their particular hosts, and I felt honored to be a part of them.

I was born and raised outside of the United States, and I worked abroad, in event planning and marketing, for many years. During those years abroad, I helped clients prepare stylish events and beautiful celebrations. This overseas experience developed both my sense of style and my respect for diverse personalities and cultural backgrounds.

I have solid connections with the most trusted and eclectic suppliers, and I have the personal resources to meet any event planning request.